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Secretaries Update 19th June 2020

Covid-19 latest update:

Hurrah! We are finally ready to start “Covid rules” shooting.

I understand members frustration at not being able to shoot these past months as it mirrors my own, but in order to comply with the guidance set out by our national bodies, most importantly the NSRA (where following such guidance is a conditional part of our insurance cover) and our Duty of Care as a club, it has taken a little time.

(To help you understand the challenges we have faced, here is the NSRA guidance document for reopening clubs.
 N.B on 24th June, the NSRA also issued this urgent update to their guidance)

The final test shoot revealed some unexpected weakness in our procedures and this, coupled with a necessary change to our Risk Assessment of just what does constitute an indoor space led to major modification of what we had intended.

The 50m and 25m ranges will be available for two pre-booked shooting sessions in the afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each session will be two hours long and it will be possible to book two consecutive sessions to allow a whole afternoons shooting subject to the demand.

Due to these changes, booking will now be done via email and you will find a dedicated booking email address in The Phase One rules document that you will find posted here on the website. There will be a Range Supervisor/RO on site during these sessions to help with this new socially distanced shooting as recommended in the guidance. This does not alter what you want to do. If you are load testing or plinking it makes no difference just send an email, book a session and come and shoot as you would have always done. If you are lucky, you could always ask the Supervisor/RO to run you through a course of fire for a change.

Pre-booking is a thing that is now required to be done by all shooting establishments and is massively at odds with our normal procedures. The charm of our club has always been the ability of members to be able to turn up and shoot as they want, and this is a situation that I want us to return to as quickly as possible. This is just a start and we will be trying to get back to normal as soon as we can. I envisage a gradual return to our normal Ad Hoc shooting as guidance changes and the situation will be kept under constant review and updates put onto the website.

When you shoot, I trust you will all be suitably impressed with the enormous amount of work that has been done to update and refurbish our ranges whilst we have been unable to use them. We owe Tim Gardener and his helpers a massive vote of thanks.

So please click on the Phase One rules document and read it and make your booking.

In addition to this posting, Martin Odell has been working hard on qualifying all your email addresses so you can also expect to receive a personal copy of this update and the rules at some point.

Looking forward to seeing you back on the range sometime soon.

Stay safe and shoot straight.


Rod Philpott
Hon. Secretary HPRPC

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